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Thread: Primary Care Physicians?

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    Primary Care Physicians?

    Any recommendations on how to find a primary care physician? I'm 28 years old and haven't really seen a doctor. I had a SCI about 8 weeks ago, and since being released from rehab hospital, I'm told I need to find a primary care physician (internist or family practice).

    For those of you who have been here before--did you guys get referrals for a doctor? Do you think it's important that the doctor have some kind of spinal cord injury experience? What kind of questions should I be asking in looking for a PCP?

    BTW, I'm in Cary, North Carolina. If any of y'all are near me and can recommend a doctor, please PM me.

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    First attempt to get a direct referral from your SCI physiatrist. Here are some previous discussions of this topic:


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