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    Question Malone Procedure?

    I am looking (on behalf of my son) for anyone with SCI who has had the Malone surgical procedure (for ACE) because of chronic constipation. (The procedure is sometimes referred to as "continent appendicostomy", ACE, or MACE (which is slightly different from the Malone.) We'd like to hear how satisfied you are with the outcome of this procedure and any other information you can share. If you had a Chicago-area surgeon perform the procedure -- who was the doctor? We have one doctor telling us the Malone procedure would probably be a great help to my son, and another doctor telling us that Malone usually doesn't help adults with constipation problems; that it mainly helps children, and he should get an ileostomy. Malone would be preferable to ileostomy if it would solve the constipation. But we need more information about it.
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    I have only had one adult with an ACE. He had it due to constant accidents, not constipation (in spite of a rigorous bowel program). Unfortunately, while it helped for the first few months, he eventually returned to the old frequent accident problems, and ended up having an elective colostomy a year later.

    You will find few adults with SCI in the USA who have had ACE procedures. They have been done much more in children with SB, or in SCI, in England and Canada. A pediatric colorectal surgeon would probably have the most experience with these.


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    Spinal Nurse or Dr. Young -- do you know the reasons that the Malone Procedure and ACE are done so seldom in the U.S. for adult SCI patients with intractable constipation? Why only for children? Is it more effective in preventing accidents than it is to solve chronic constipation? Or is it just that not many U.S. surgeons are trained and experienced in doing this surgery?

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    Smile Good eating habits

    Personally I had problems with constipation (still do sometimes) and I take colase, senna, and metamucil and try not to eat to many constipating foods. This doesn't answer your question but I hope maybe it will help..

    p.s. yogurt, salad, fruits and vegetables help me stay regular.

    Good luck!

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