There is a survey being done to assess needs and problems we experience when our equipment breaks down. The survey is here:

Here is the information I received:

I represent a team that has been formed
between Bridges to Work, which is a federally funded Medicaid
Infrastructure Grant program and is administered by the Department of
Health and Family Services in the state of Wisconsin, and the
University of Wisconsin at Madison - Center for Rehabilitation
Engineering and Assistive Technology (UW-CREATe). As a key
stakeholder, we would like to ask you to cooperate with our current
project Maintenance and Repair of Assistive Technology.

As you might agree, preventive maintenance and timely repair of
assistive technology (AT) is essential to those people requiring AT to
obtain and maintain employment, and to contribute as independent
members of society.

We are trying to gather information about problems associated with
maintaining and repairing mobility devices. As one of the steps, we
are conducting a survey through which we expect to assess the problems
that individuals with disabilities experience when their mobility
devices require repair.

Yong Jun Shin
Ph. D. Student in Mass Communications
Project Assistant for Bridges to Work
University of Wisconsin-Madison
5115 Vilas Hall, 821 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706
Tel.608) 262-3690