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    Talking Hey Bobk@t...

    Do you remember a software from a couple years ago that apparently gave a graphic indication of the physical location on each platter your info was stored?
    I ran across it one time and meant to download the shareware version and never did. After we were talking about swap drives yesterday I got to wondering.
    I have always been under the assumption that in windows, as you partion, they started from the center and worked their way out. I guess I got this notion from boot sector setup. Seems like it works that way in linux also. Can't remember. I'm gonna go on a search n download mission here. Holler if you find it first.
    But that is why I make the last partition swap, for fast access.
    Now ya got me wonder'in

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    I just posted an inquiry about a hard drive mapping utility at the Alienware forums. If I get a hit I'll let ya know.

    The closest thing to a hard drive mapping utility that I know of would be Partition Magic. I've only used it once or twice but remember it displaying long lists of numbers (probably the sectors or clusters) but physically where on the disks or platters they were located I don't think was indicated.

    I'm sure the techs at Seagate and Western Digital etc have such software.
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