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Thread: My wallet lifted at Walmart

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    -Just plain rotten all the way around. Crumbs like these people is why I shop when stores aren't crowded(early morning) or during the week after noon. At least thats the way it is around here. Glad you didn't hafta pay for their thievery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven
    So sorry this happened Jeff. Good thing you won't get charges though. So hard at this time to go shopping particularly in Walmart. A few years back my daughter had her purse stolen at Walmart too and a check was made by the theif for $1,200. They had the nerve to take it to the bank and withdraw the money. She never recovered anything tho.

    Just be careful when you go shopping and keep an eye on your money.

    i cant believe the bank wasnt forced to make good on the forged check.

    sorry to hear about the theft jeff, goota keep the wallet up front, never leave a wallet in a gym or pool locker either, thats another prime target this time of year.
    cauda equina

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff
    I'm not responsible for any fraudulent charges. Phew!
    I just kept hearing Spider-Man saying that from the TV commercial. This hapened to me about 4 years back, before my accident. Lock your YMCA lockers. $1200 charged at the Home Depo on our bussiness account and about the same on my personal account. They can judge from your wallet and the way you look what stores you would frequent, so it doesn't look to out of place.

    I don't know about the gun thing, but I don't keep anything important in my backpack. Merry 'frigin' Xmas.

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    So sorry Jeff. 'Tis the season, I am sorry to say. 2 of our nurses (1 getting married in two weeks) had their wallets stolen out of the staff lounge last week...all their credit cards, ID, SS cards, nursing licenses, etc.

    I don't recommend keeping anything between your cushion and the chair seat...this can be a great way to cause pressure ulcers. A underseat pack like this though makes it very difficult to get to a wallet or other valuables without you seeing:


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    Quote Originally Posted by jplw
    . Lock your YMCA lockers.
    locks are only good for your clothes, i went in to my pool locker room last year and the police were just getting there, they clipped about 10 locks and got the wallet and were gone.
    with cell phones nowadays they work in teams and can tell there accomplice when the cost is clear, lock cutters fit in gym bags. master combo locks can be easily picked by street thugs. a lot of lockers have weak sides, they can stick their hands through the sidewall and lift the wallet, never use a end locker, those sidewalls are always exposed. sometimes they just steal the credit cards. i used to leave my wallet in ny ymca locker when i swam , i realized how lucky i was that day
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    Sorry to hear about that Jeff. I was just at Burlington next to Walmart tonight. I hope they catch the people who did this. Shelly

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    I keep meds, wallet, gun, comb etc under my cushion. It also keeps my knees apart. I find that rolling fast, looking people in the eye and saying what you want slows "bad people" down. How exactly did they divert you to steal your stuff?

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    I got robbed by acouple strippers awhile had me destracted too(i wont go into details)..and another went through my backpack...
    dirty beeaaatchs

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    KLD - Thanks. Definitely going to get one of those bags.

    metro, Raven, Anty, graybeard, jplw, duge, shel - Thanks. Must be the criminals know their victims are not left hanging directly. They probably feel they are simply stealing from credit card companies.

    Hunker - She was just talking in front of me. Making conversation about what I was reaching for. I was buying a 220/110 transformer and, ironically, locks for my suitcases. These items were on the "travel wall" at Walmart near the luggage section. At one point she even picked up my shopping list and started reading it. LOL. It was so weird I knew something was amiss. I just wish I had reported it within minutes or even seconds.... not a couple hours. My bad.
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    abrooks - that is really low. Come to think of it...... this one could have been a stripper in a former life.
    ~See you at the CareCure-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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