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Thread: where can i buy Adaptive Equipment?

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    where can i buy Adaptive Equipment?

    does anyone know a website or store that sells adaptive equipment.
    Im a 6 year post C5 SCI and all my equipment is that old and just falling apart.

    Im looking for 3 main things..
    1. a long writing wancheck/ computer typing stick..
    2. eating cuff (fork n spoon holder)
    3. long straws

    all these items i have are so worn out that i cant anymore put them on my self and feel more disabled now than i did a few years ago.

    28/M/chicago/C5-c6 quad Comp.

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    Try this site I found some stuff but call them and ask for Jombo, Stacey, Gwen or Jimmy if they do not have what you need they will tell you where. Try this too

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