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Thread: Tilite ZR vs. ZRA

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    Tilite ZR vs. ZRA

    Can someone please tell me the difference between the TiLite ZR and ZRA? I am in the market for a new chair and are really interested in the TiLite model. Thanks


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    2,710 chart shows the differences

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    The quick explanation is that the "A" stands for adjustable. I have fine tuned and tweaked almost every aspect of my chair in the last year trying to get it right. I think I like my ZRA.

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    Daven, as others are saying the ZRA is fully adjustable, whereas the only thing that is adjustable on the ZR is the center of gravity (rear axel position), leg rest length, and seat back angle. The ZRA is also slightly heavier since there are more adjustable parts.

    I am about to order a ZR. At first I was nervous about gettin a chair that is not adjustable, like what if I found out several weeks later I shoulda had a different angle here or longer length there. So here is what I did...

    First I had the rep find me a ZRA with my approximate frame size. I use an 18" deep by 18" wide.

    Next, I had him tweak everything. I wanted to try a front seat hight of 19.5" and a rear seat height of 16", which is a nice 3.5" drop, more then my current old Quickie GP.

    Then we adjusted the center of gravity to be sure I won't flip.

    Next, we set the back angle to 95º, cause I'm a quad with little trunk control.

    Then he left the chair with me for a few days. I went to the mall, and to work one day. Realized I didn't want the solid front casters and an 80º leg angle instead of 85º.

    When he came back to pick up the demo ZRA, I had him adjust my Quickie GP to match the ZRA as closely as possible so I can continue to experiment while waiting for my insurance approval.

    During further playing around, I realized that I will probably go with a 19" front height, cause 19.5" makes it hard to reach things I drop on the floor in front of me, and maybe a 3" drop instead of 3.5", cause for me getting out of the chair with a 3.5" drop is like climbing out of a hole.

    Those settings are fixed on the ZR, so if it wasn't for experimenting with the ZRA and my GP, I mighta been stuck with a less then optimal chair! Good Luck!!

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    does anyone know the cheapest place to get a zr?

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    I just ordered a sports chair a few days ago off of, the prices there seemed to be substantially discounted to around 25-35% off of msrp.

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    I just ordered my ZRA from Base price for the chair there is $1778, which is cheaper than Spinlife. Add ons were cheaper as well. I priced it out at both sites, and Sportaid saved me around $300. My chair will be here tomorrow! Merry Christmas to me... goodbye Quckie GPV!

    I, in part, made my choice on which Tilite to buy thanks to the info on this site. I don't have an SCI, so am a bit reluctant to post here. I am a full-time wheelie with CP. Anyway, this is a great site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJenn
    I don't have an SCI, so am a bit reluctant to post here. I am a full-time wheelie with CP. Anyway, this is a great site.
    dont have to be sci...all input an questions are welcome around here.

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    Awww.. thanks rollin. That's good, since I'm gonna have questions tomorrow when it's just me, the new ZRA and the tool box. I know for sure I'm going to want a bit more dump. I also went for standard casters knowing that I was going to change them out immediately with better ones I had at home.

    I've used a chair for 20 of my 26 years, and I finally feel like I'm getting the best chair for me. It's funny... they put little kiddos with childhood onset disabilities into big ol' clunkers. It makes it hard to get out of one as an adult because you *think* you need all that chair! When I was originally going through a "brick and mortar" dealer for this chair, they were steering me towards an EVO with push handles, arm rests and anti-tips-- all things I don't have on my GPV!!!

    I'm just glad I took it into my own hands. Nobody knows what I need better than me. Especially not some walkie DME guy.

    Take care all!

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    Well, my new ZRA is here. I've been rolling around for about 4 hours, and am absolutely freaked out by how quiet it is. So far the only major problem was my fault I accidentally ordered the standard locks instead of the uni-locks. So much for the "knowing what I want" sentiment Am ticked at myself for this, but I very rarely use my locks anyway, so I think I'm just going to ditch them entirely. Also, although I tightenened the nut on the axle all the way, I still have some play with my Spinergies. The Ti guys say this is normal and are working on a fix. Anyone else have this problem?

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