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Thread: So, here I am again

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    Smile So, here I am again

    Over 2 months ago, I stomped off of carecure due to me being hugely too sensitive to sensible advice, given in a good spirit. For those who remember, and particularly to KLD, I'm sorry that I was so .... well, pissy. By way of context, I had been quite unexpectedly and viciously attacked by another long term member of this site (on another forum) here shortly before I posted my "farewell cruel carecure" post .... and my good bye post was in response to me posting about injuring my foot. I was super stressed out at the time and clearly did not have the right perspective. I didn't come here for 2-1/2 months, but I was thinking about this place today and decided to snoop and see what was going on. After reading for the better part of 2 hours, I got sucked back in and wanted to come back.

    So, sheepishly .... here I am again. (need an icon for being embarrassed!)

    To catch you up on things, when I fell in Sept, it turns out that I fractured my heel and torn my plantar fascia. So I have been on crutches/in a cast for 2-1/2 months now, and I will have surgery in mid to late December if it doesn't improve drastically, and soon (doc doesn't hold out much hope for that, me neither).

    In other big news, we fired our PCA. He was Chad's uncle, and was an alcoholic. We put up with it for 3 years (2 years with me) because at first, Chad had no other option and partially because his uncle confined his drunkeness to off duty hours. But during the spring and summer, his drinking grew progressively more frequent and he was drunk while on duty more than once. The last straw came when he attempted to drive one of vehicles while drunk, and so we fired him on the spot when that happened. That was on October 4.

    So with Chad being a C4 complete quad and me in a cast and crutches, who is our PCA? Uhhhhh, no one. We put an ad in the paper and we got literally 200+ phone calls. It was a nightmare trying to call people back, sussing through the obvious idiots, calling references, arranging interviews and after ALL of that, there was not a single, one, solitary person who was suitable in any way, shape or form. ARGH!! And we even pay pretty well too ... (which increased the phone call volume).

    So I'm quite the superwife/mom at the moment. Speaking of which, I have to put Chad and my son to bed, so I'll come back again shortly and see if anyone has noticed I'm back and if KLD will forgive my previous attitude!!!

    Ami (glad to be back)
    Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager

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    Dang girl! You guys have been having a rough time! Sorry for your tootsie being hurt worse than I remember---forgive me, my memory is ----> these days, but I think you just thought it was a sprain at first! Sorry it turned out to be worse! And I know it's got to be hard just the two of you going it alone with you having a bum tootsie, but at the same time, sounds like Uncle PCA was becoming less and less help anyway, and more and more of a liability. Glad he's gone before he got you guys into some kind of mess. That sux that it's so hard to find someone decent to work. Hang in there girl and I'm glad your'e back!
    "I just want you to know, it was the best time ever." J.F.F.

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    Talking Zillllllaaaaa,

    it's about time girl! Get your butt back here and join the fray. Deb

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    For every minute you're angry you lose a second of happiness

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    Welcome back. You were missed. I hope you find a good PCA soon...they are worth their weight in gold!


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    I am so glad you are back, I have thought about you! It sounds like you need a lot of support and well wishes so please add mine to the bunch with a loud and hearty welcome! Here is hoping all goes well at your house this Holiday Season and onward... Mary

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    Welcome back ZA sometimes a break is needed

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    Welcome back girl! I've thought about you more than a couple of times over the past 3 or so months. Glad you're back. I can't speak for others, but I missed ya!

    Sorry to hear how rough you've had it recently. Good luck with everything - I'm sure Supermum/Superwife will shine as usual.

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    So glad that you are back. I hope that your foot heals fast and well after the surgery. Wise.

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