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Thread: Citrobacter Koseri

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    Cool Citrobacter Koseri

    I grew Citrobacter Koseri in my urine culture. I would like some info on it and are there any preventative against it that will prevent it from coming back? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving

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    Hi Jimi,

    Citrobacter Koseri is a gram negative bacteria treated with a set of antibiotics specific for these bacteria such as cephalosporins, gentamycin and some penicillins.

    The concern for some of these germs is that with widespread use of antibiotics, they are becoming reistant to some medications commonly used to treat them.

    Prevention of this infection would be the same for any urine infection:
    good bladder care, drinking plenty of fluids, good handwashing, good nutrition and taking antibiotics only when prescribed and for the prescribed amount of time.


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