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    Bowel program

    I was taught to take care of my bowels by using a gloved finger and surgilube and basically digging it out. After doing this everyday for more than 20 years, I am having wrist problems. It started just this past Saturday with shooting pains from my wrist to my elbow. Then yesterday my wrist hurt, and my fingers were a little numb. Today my wrist still hurts and the palm of my hand hurts. I'm pretty sure it's from the repetitive stress of my bowel program. Should I change my bowel routine?

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    Beaker -- Sounds like you may have the start of carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive use in doing your bowel program the same way for many years. Are you planning on following up with your MD as soon as possible to discuss what your options might be for that wrist? Surgery of course will be discussed but maybe a splint may help in the meantime.

    Another idea to consider is switching hands if you can. This may be a simple remedy but you may run into the same problems your other hand now has.

    Since your body is used to doing your bowel program the same way for years I am not sure if changing it will work, at least not right away. Some questions: Do you take stool softeners or fiber regularly? Do you insert a suppository? What time of day do you do your program? PLG

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    I thought about switching hands, but I just don't think I could do it. Too awkward.

    I do my program first thing in the morning. I don't take a stool softener and I never use suppositories. I'd rather not change my bowel routine at all because it seems to be working for me, except for the wrist issue of course.

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    Beaker -- Thanks for the update. Since you don't want to change too much I would definitely make an appointment to see you MD and discuss your options. Maybe an OT can make you a special splint for your hand if surgery is not an option. PLG

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