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Thread: anyone have bath lift???

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    anyone have bath lift???

    I am checking into getting a bath lift and am curious to know if anyone has experience with a minor-aquatec, or major-aquatec from clarkehealth care....if not, anyone else have other suggestions?? I am T-11 and would loooove to be able to enjoy a bath without worrying about wether I'll be able to get my slippery ass out with out falling or even out at all!!!! Thanks so much, Lexi

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    Can anyone out there help with information on this? Thanks. PLG

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    I tried bath lifts out in rehab before opting for a shower bench. In retrrospect I think I should have chosen the lift...even a lukewarm bath (as a quad) would be wonderful at times. I guess I chose the bench instead because the transfer was easier. If you have the money or funding I'd go for it. Keep in mind that they will not lower you to the bottom of the tub due to their mechanical apparatus. Maybe your OT can arrange for you to try one out, or just contact a med supply company to see if they will order you a trial one.

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    Bath lifts

    My daughter's OT arranged to have a vendor come to our home and demonstrate a lift, which should be installed soon. It was SOO cool! It will in fact lower you to the bottom of the tub...or into bed, or onto the toilet...whatever. It runs along tracks that resemble track lighting tracks. It's operated by a remote control.

    I can't remember the name; I'll look it up for you tomorrow and post it here.


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    Hey tbird3ts !

    I've got a minor-aquatec and I love it, I've always loved my baths, so I got one about 12yrs ago. It's awesome, get one, you wont regret it. As far as transfering, I'm a t6 and it's easy for me. Theres also the battery powered ones out now, which one are you looking at, mines the water bag one. I've had no problems with it at all. I'll take a bath anyday, showers just aren't the same anymore, but bubble baths are exactly the same, so buy one and Relax!

    PS: Like emi was saying, its about 2"s higher than the tub, but you scoot your bum off it onto the tub anyway, so your laying down as far as you can go, so it really doesn't matter.

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    tbird3ts , be careful not to get stuck in that bath !

    when i was in rehab i was tracking a young lady from hospital who had a similar injury [C5/6 incomplete , we were both just able to walk using crutches ] . we went and stayed in a motel in another city for a dirty week end . on arriving in the room i thought it would be a good idea to save water and have a bath together . things went really well until we tried to get out of the tub after letting the water out .neither of us could get out and it looked like we would have to yell out for assistance . finally i had bit of an idea and filled the bath right to the top and with a bit of flotation i managed to clamber out and help my little lady out . it was showers for the rest of that weekend !

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    That would have been front page news in Mitchell, dogger.

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    Hopefully not cold showers

    Dogger Anyhow, I think you hit the nail on the head about having the tub full when you go to get out. I have no problem without a lift as long as the tub is full, if it is empty, I have trouble getting out.

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