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Thread: My Story...Acute SCI Level T10/T11

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    Not sure why this 2 year old post was pulled up again.

    Could it be what Leif said and also, tomorrow is the two year anniversary of Jennifer/Bonita's injury?

    **Hugs** to you Jennifer.

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    post #7 is a new member too, I know when I was I was reading a lot of old threads, maybe the didn;t notice how old it is? Especially if Leif's theory was right.
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    Leif, when a moderator removes a spam post, the thread goes back to its original position on the thread order. It does not stay bumped up unless someone else responded to or after the spam post.

    Anyway, I hope our new member will participate. I try to move new member posts to their own thread when appropriate as sometimes there information gets buried when added to an old thread like this.


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    Jen/Bonita--I wish you well.

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