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Thread: National Center for Regenerative Medicine opens

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    National Center for Regenerative Medicine opens

    National Center for Regenerative Medicine opens

    Created: 11/21/2005 5:19:22 PM
    Updated:11/21/2005 5:20:06 PM

    CLEVELAND -- Cleveland's medical powerhouses joined forces Monday and opened the new National Center for Regenerative Medicine.

    It's an adult stem cell production lab housed in the Wolstein Research Center on the University Hospital's campus.

    But, researchers from Case, U.H., the Cleveland Clinic and Commercial Biotech Companies will use its resources.

    Funded with state and federal dollars, the facility will made new discoveries relating to blood cancers, heart disease and brain disorders.

    "The reason that we believe that we can really be seen nationally as a center for regenerative medicine is we have an outstanding set of scientists that cover all of the known adult and umbilical cord stem cells that are being used in the laboratory," said Dr. Stanton Gerson.

    The stem cell production facility will allow Case, Clinic and U.H. researchers to conduct six clinical trials at once. Before, the three institutions could only do half that capacity.

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    about time some of the best medical facilities in the world , get something going in the way of reserach and clinical trials.
    oh well

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