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Thread: Hey Everyone!!

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    It's about time you joined in purkster.

    I'm not short im funsized!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kkmay
    Are you kidding me? If you are afraid you might as well just not bother doing this. Sure there are psychos out there, but you really think you would find them on here?
    No, not afraid.
    I requested background checks so I can find someone into S&M and willing to mutilate their left ear as an inexpensive and personal X-mas gift to me.

    kkmay. Will you be my secret Santa?

    p.s. know that Santa will now no longer be a secret anymore, but I'll sacrifice the annonymity for a nice fleshy left ear

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    QUICK! Gimme ur address....I'm feelin faint...

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    kkmay. Will you be my secret Santa?

    Sure why not!Whoever gets to be my recipient will be pleased!

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    I need a Mystery Marley to send me some Chronic Christmas Cookies. Where do we sign up for that?
    De Omnibus Dubitandum

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    took me a couple if takes before I saw 'it' lol
    you're a tough guy... ain't gonna faint from a lil loss of blood are ya?

    Jennifer- I was just teasing earlier. Hope you are having fun with your Secret Santa

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