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Thread: Hey Everyone!!

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    Talking Hey Everyone!!

    Its about Christmas time...i thought it would be cool to exchange names and get presents! would simply give your adress to that secrert santa!!!

    just send me an messege if you want to do this and ill get started


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    Sure, it sounds like fun...let's share the

    I'm not short im funsized!

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    the gift shouldnt cost over $10.00......u'll have to give me ur addy so i can get everyone a secert santa

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    u can private message ur addy to me on here

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    The Dead Line Is By Dec 13th

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    This is a great idea! I'll send you my addy.

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    GREAT IDEA JENN!!!!! I'll PM my addy to you!! I hope lots of people decide to join in.

    Would you like me to help make a little questionare to help people choose a gift for their secret santa? I've helped w/them before & can come up w/some good general questions for everyone to answer in their PM's to you.
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    I am up for it. Count me in!

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    yes sure.....ill post my addy up for whoever wants to send me a gift as my secert santa. on the dead line ill send everyone there person w/addy to you so you can get the gift and send b4 christmas

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    you can count me in just let us know how much the gift should be from 10 dollars to ? I will send you my name and address anty
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