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Thread: Facebook anyone?

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    Facebook anyone?

    anyone here on Facebook? an ex-roommate pointed me to it a few days ago... cool way to connect w/ some old friends.

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    Yeah I am but don't you need to be in college?

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    well, it does connect people through schools... I think you gotta be connected to a college and/or a high school somehow or another... even if you've already graduated (as is my case).
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  4. #4 on there.....its all the rage at

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    I think you can join in as long as you have a college email address.
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    I am too but u already knew that
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    Too bad it's a more recent thing... I graduated in '02 & most of my friends from my year & earlier aren't on there (although there are a few).

    I used my alumni email address & it automatically hooked me up w/ the right school, but I doubt a college address is mandatory.

    mr. coffee, if your reply was directed towards me, I have no idea who you are...
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    Yeah, I joined recently also...its really cool, but very addicting I must say!

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    I am.... Hit me up. Josh Stevens at Oklahoma State University.. I check it once a day.
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    I am there too , Shantanu Chawla @ San Diego State Univ. Add me anyone

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