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Thread: Holiday Movies

  1. #11 mistake. You are right. I was just reading an article about the old movie "47th Street" (Busby Berkley?) and it just slipped in. Of course you are is 34th Street!


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    Definately, Jeff! I have it both on VHS and DVD and drag it out every year for the family. I must admit I am a sentimentalist when it comes to the holidays. I have to watch Miracle on 47th Street and Holiday Inn too.

    I watched The Bishop's Wife this afternoon. (Cary Grant) - Gotta love those old Xmas flicks!

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    Christmas story!!!! My oldest son was just like the boy. Except he wanted a
    .22 cal rifle. He got it eventually. Also dig "Charlie Brown's Christmas. Big Snoopy fan.

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    another one of my favorites at Christmas is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase... too damn funny...

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    Jeff 'n KLD,
    Y'all mentioned THE essential ''sentimentl/traditional'' must see holiday movies. However,,,, lest we not forget;

    GrayB,,,,,,'n ''Charlie Brown'' too,,,,

    ''March of the Wooden Soldiers''
    ''Rudolph the Red Nose,,,,''

    From now till New Years, I'll catch ''Miracle'' 'n ''Wonderful'' a couple times in the midnight hours.

    KLD,,,,,,,, Ditto being ''sentimental''; From Thanksgiving, Christmas, to NY's,,,,, I'm such a softee,,,,, .


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    Have to check out "Rent". Plus, I still watch "The Sound of Music" every year.

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    I don't go to the cinema,though I always find most of the movies on DVD or VCR. Last night I saw Flight Plan but It was disappointing I really was waiting for a movie like "Panic Room" and the plot wasn't believable at all. I also saw Red Eye and was good

    I liked the New Batman, I also saw Charlie and the chocolate factory (Yummy Mr. Depp),Zathura was ok.

    About Classical Movies for Christmas I love:

    A Christmas Carol- George C. Scott was amazing at it.
    Scrooged- Bill Murray (this is a very good one)
    Elf- Will Ferrel- James Caan
    Christmas Lampoons- Chevy Chase is almost a must every year.
    Miracle on 34th Street-Richard (or David?) Attenborough's newer version.
    Family Man- Nicolas Cage
    and well there are more,though those are my favorites, also I like one that hasn't shown for years that is with Dudley Moore -don't even remember the name well but I think it's Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus .

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    I hope the Chronicles of Narnia movie(s?) turn out good, they certainly have a lot of potential. And as for Aeon Flux, I'm totally stoked that the complete animated collection is finally out on dvd as Aeon Flux is my all time favorite animated series. However I just can't imagine that the movie will do it any justice, I'm probably going to skip that one to save myself the disapointment and not blemish Aeon in my mind. I would like to see Walk the Line, that looks interesting.
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    Holiday Movies: Planes, Trains and Automobiles!
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