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Thread: You can run but you can't hide ;)

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    Talking You can run but you can't hide ;)

    Hi everybody!

    When did you change web address? Has it really been that long since I last checked in? Geeee... I'm still shocked!

    Well, I have not browsed long enough to know if I'm posting in the wrong forum but anyhow, I like this site a lot better now so congrats to whom I'm sure was the one doing the changes... Jeff!

    Dr. Young, I hope you are doing well and coming along with the solution to get me running soon...

    Well, I'm gonna browse around, take care everyone,

    Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!

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    North Brunswick, NJ, USA
    Polett - Glad you found us again. We switched over July 1, 2005. For the most part everything has gone well. We have lots of new members. And we're audio/video chatting a lot now. Other than that, most things are very similar to what they were before. Oh..... but we have more smilies now.

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    Thanks Jeff!

    Well, now we just need NICER smilies j/k
    Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!

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    Polett, so great to have you back! Wise.

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