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Thread: Urethral and Bladder pain

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    Urethral and Bladder pain

    In the past I have had some discomfort in urinating and was given a urodynamic test which showed only moderately high bladder pressure. Since I was urinating naturally with only a small amount of retention(100ccs), I was told to do nothing at the time but to get retested within a year. Over the last couple of months I have noted a big increase in urethral pain and soreness in my bladder and stomach area, particularly when getting up in the morning. I did not notice any type of bladder spasm except for some starting and stopping during urination. My urologist noted that my prostate was slightly enlarged. I was prescibed flomax to help with that problem.

    Although I realize that high bladder pressures can eventually lead to kidney problems, I was wondering if high pressures can cause pain as I described above? I have a lot of CP from my waist on down to my feet. Could CP be causing some of my symtoms? I am now due for another urodynamic test. What sort of questions should I be asking the urologist. When it comes to SCI, I have found most urologists to be clueless. Although I am not anxious to begin a regimen of intermittent catherization, I will do that if necessary.

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    Mike my name is Larry I had 7 back operations and that caused me to have bladder problems so that's what they told me . I had the Mitro operation last AUG. and I was having spams too, they put me on 2 medications and today 11/16/05 I went to have BO TOX injections into my bladder to help stop my spasms, so for me it's a wait and see for now well good luck, Larry

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    Changes in your bladder and increased pressures could aggrevate your existing chronic pain. You cannot feel the pressure inside your bladder even with normal sensation (no pressure sensing nerves there), although normally there is sensation for stretch, pain and hot/cold.

    Your enlarged prostate could also be causing you more retention. Have you measured your residual (either by catheterization or ultrasound) since your last urodynamics? This would be the first thing to assess. Also, what was your actual voiding and resting pressure the last time you had urodynamics?

    Have you had any recent UTIs? Chronic rostatitis is always a possiblity, but usually causes repeated UTIs unless treated.


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