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Thread: "Designer" Jeans

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    "Designer" Jeans

    Hi Guys,

    I was wondering if anyone knows where you can buy jeans with a modern look, yet cut for wheelchair users.

    What I'm after are the 'designer' styles, such as deep indigo blue, faded thighs, torn etc. I know USA Jeans and Rolli-Moden have ranges, but neither do anything really modern or fashionable.

    Thanks in advance for any info...

    C5/6 Tetraplegic, injured since 1990.

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    I don't understand this 'wheelchair fashion' thing.

    Andy, what are issues you have with pants/jeans? Is it the added pressure risk with fabric on bum? Have you ever had problems with pressure wearing regular jeans?
    If you want the look of jeans as you've described, can you purchase the style you like, then modify the seating to your comfort? ie. cut out portion of rear and sew on softer material, without compromising look/style of the rest of jeans.

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    Since I'm old enough that I've worn out many many pairs of jeans, I don't understand the worn out look LOL. Everytime I go by Abercrombie and Fitch I'm mystified. Looks like they're charging extra for holes to me LOL.

    Why don't you distress your own? Seems to me you'd save like 50.00 a pair if you broke out some salt and a wire brush...Like the Levi commercial, where the guy gives the girl his "favorite" jeans when he gets on the bus. Except he recreated his favorites in the garage.

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    American Eagle has "distressed" jeans at a decent price.

    I've also found them to be the best cut jeans for preventing ass crackage.

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    I never buy 'special'ly made jeans
    Just buy ones that look good and take the pockets off.

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    Lol I don't even take the pockets off.
    Betheny, your post about wearing 'em out reminds me of an old biker I met once. He reckoned when your jeans got too worn and full of holes you should just sew a new pair on the inside.

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    I never heard of such a thing of clothing for wheelchair users. I wear the same things as if I was not paralyzed. I am sure I'm not the only one. I don't alter them or nothing.

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    wear the same stuff as i used to....just maybe a couple inches bigger around the waist so they aren't so tight sitting all day....

    oh, and i take the pockets off...

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    You might want to try Gap or Old Navy as well... They have tons of finishes and tons of styles that let you determine rise, color, length, and fit.

    Plus they won't break the bank.

    Their online stores have a bigger size collection than the individual stores do.

    if you find something you like at the Gap, they'll probably have it around for a while... but if you find something you dig at Old Navy, I'd buy a couple of pairs quick, as their inventory is constantly changing.
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    I've never bought any jeans specifically for wheelchair users. I don't like the styles they have either.

    I find a kind I like and just get more than one. I've had good luck at the Gap.

    Problems with regular jeans and pants include the buttcrack showing thing - so wheelchair jeans are cut higher in the back. You have to try on pairs in the store and find ones that work the best for you. Some people have problems with the pockets and the roughness of the material but as some people are saying they take the pockets off.

    No holes for me though

    I like them to cover my stomach but don't want them all the way up to my waist. Got to try them on first to see if they look good in that regard.

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