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    just a [quick] update:

    i started substitute teaching 2 weeks ago. so far i have worked three days...all three in social studies ( can those teachers do the same lesson five times a day?). anyway, it has gone pretty good. only 1 period had me counting the minutes till the bell rang. as you probably know, kids don't exactly treat subs with the utmost respect. luckily, los angeles school district pays their subs quite a bit more than other districts, so it makes the crap a bit easier to deal with. i heard about a pregnant math teacher who might need a long term sub, so i might try to get in there. (long-term subs make more per day than most full-time teachers ). so far, only one student has mentioned (or questioned) about my sitting situation. interesting, i figured they would be more curious. i told him i might tell him if he was quiet all class, but he forgot to ask at the end.

    all that to say...i'm having a bit of fun and getting a decent feel for this.

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    Glad things are going well. Show no fear.
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