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Thread: Damaged spine allows signals to brain

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    Damaged spine allows signals to brain

    Damaged spine allows signals to brain

    Anna Salleh
    ABC Science Online

    Tuesday, 15 November 2005

    Superman actor and tetraplegic Christopher Reeve regained some sensation and movement after rehabilitation. Now scientists think they know why (Reuters/Ho)
    Brains of people with a spinal cord injury can respond to signals from their lower limbs during exercise, surprising new research suggests.

    This finding, although preliminary, suggests that their spinal cords may not be as damaged as doctors think.

    Alternatively, patients' brains could be responding to a change in blood flow while exercising.

    Either way this world-first research suggests that rehabilitation could one day lead to improved function for people with injured spinal cords.

    Australian neuroscientist Professor Ashley Craig of the University of Technology, Sydney and team, looked into activity-based therapy using Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES).

    This involves helping people with spinal cord injury to exercise on a bike by electrically stimulating their legs.

    Craig says this leads to the same brain patterns as those found in able-bodied people when exercising.

    This suggests the brain is responding to signals from exercising muscles, a finding that he says may pave the way for better rehabilitation.

    "We're not saying that we're going to regrow the spine," says Craig. "But it could improve their function which is something which has not really been possible until this activity-based therapy and FES came along."

    Superman's tiny victory sparks research
    Researchers became more interest in FES after the experience of Superman actor, Christopher Reeve.
    He was paralysed from the neck down after a fall and needed assisted ventilation to breathe.

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    FES Rowing Project

    Does anyone have any updated information about the study that was done involving the FES Rowing Machine?

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    Hey Matt,

    Have I got a job for you. Follow this link and you'll see the name, Christina Michailidou. kinda easy on the eyes. eh

    drop her a note and ask whats up

    no i don't know her, but hey

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