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Thread: Neon lights for wheelchair?

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    Neon lights for wheelchair?

    Does anyone know a company that manufactures or installs neon lights on power chairs? I've seen people with purple or red or blue lights-- usually installed under the seat of their chair. My brother wants to "pimp" his chair out and I thought it would be a good Christmas present. Problem is, I can't find anything online? Help!!!

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    go to any automotive specialty place that installs stereos, alarms, etc. they can prolly use one of those interior neon kits or one of those kits that ppl. use in their boom boxes...

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    i saw a chair on ebay one time. dunno where thay got the lights but the light bar was jus velcro'd to a bar under the chair and the on/off switch was velcro'd close to the front so you could reach it to cut em on an off.

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    man i've been wanting to do that for the longest time! i just never got around to it, jeff's right that's where i plan on looking, don't bother with walmart, they don't have them...but if they did, you know they'd just be 10 cents,lol
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    Maybe I'm just a big kid, but I've thought about some neon lighting under my seat for a long time. Ideally they'd draw power from my powerchair's batteries. If anybody has a simple way of doing this, I'd be very interested.

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    I've seen light kits on ebay for under $20. Instead of having neon tubes, they were led style. These are a lot smaller and brighter. I think they use less juice as well. They're also listed for cars and r/c cars too. I know I saw a wheelchair neon kit on ebay the other day.

    I'd still go with led's though. I also think a stereo shop would overcharge you.

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    thats like that on my goofy lol

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    led's are awesome

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    very easy, all you need is a switch and the smallest neon lights (usually used for interior of the car)
    Hook one wire to one battery(12v) not both then through the light back out to the switch and then to the other terminal on the same battery.....

    did this on my wive's chair...........funny thing, when it was dark she always had light to drive by, great through parks and especially during power failures..........
    mounting is by preference under seat or under carriage either is good!

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    has some really cool lights that are used
    for skateboards. We have two for Dan's
    chair, one in front, one in back.

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