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Thread: Personal training takes on new shape

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    Personal training takes on new shape

    Personal training takes on new shape
    Club owner wanted to show city something new
    By Ryan Lengerich
    By Ellie Bogue of The News-SentinelRebecca Obee, right, schedules the next appointment for client Jill Graber, who is working on getting back in shape after having a baby three months ago.
    Wehrmeister: Wants to move into larger quarters
    By Ellie Bogue of The News-SentinelCertified personal trainer Rebecca Obee, left, works with client Jill Graber at Personal Fitness Professionals, 5671 Coventry Lane.
    With wavy hair and hip, collared shirt, Chris Wehrmeister looks as trendy as the atmosphere inside his fitness club.
    The 36-year-old Fort Wayne native and Ball State graduate, a certified personal trainer and spinal cord injury specialist, opened the 2,500-square-foot Personal Fitness Professionals in the Village at Coventry in October 2004.
    Since then, Wehrmeister has turned three employees and about 150 personal training sessions per week into nine employees providing a combined 50 sessions per day at about $45 each.
    Wehrmeister said his is the only club in Indiana using vibration training on a $9,000 Power Plate. It’s a teeth-rattling, revolutionary training method that produces a vibration through which energy is transferred from the platform to the body.
    “We really barred no expense. We just wanted every bit of this operation to be the best,” Wehrmeister said. “We wanted to show Fort Wayne something they have never seen before.”
    In six months he could take another step, when he plans to move the club into an 11,000-square-foot space on the first floor of a 28,000-square-foot office complex, also at the Village at Coventry. County zoning officials were to consider the plans this afternoon.
    Wehrmeister and business partner Jason Minich opened the club just months after Gold’s Gym, where both were trainers and Wehrmeister a manager, shut its doors.
    State-of-the-art Matrix elliptical machines with attached televisions and NordicTrack treadmills are among the estimated $250,000 in training machines. An interior designer helped Wehrmeister model his health club after coffee shops and night clubs – places where people feel comfortable spending time. Trendy local artwork and soft drop lighting, along with a 42-inch plasma television and up-tempo dance music, give the main room ambiance.
    The new facility will feature two 1,200-foot locker rooms, an isolated room for rehabilitation, more televisions, another Power Plate and a similar modern layout with vast windows.
    Wehrmeister is considering opening a similar facility on the city’s north side.
    Personal Fitness Professionals has about 50 general members who use the equipment like a more traditional gym, and another 250 clients who receive personal training there.
    What makes Personal Fitness Professionals different, Wehrmeister said, is his staff. Philip Newell has a master’s degree in biomechanics from Ball State. Twice a week for two months he has worked with a stroke survivor lacking strength on her right side. Minich specializes in working with athletes, including local high school football players.
    In 2003, a local child was rendered an incomplete quadriplegic – meaning the spinal cord was not completely severed – following a car accident. Now 14 years old, he undergoes intense physical training a the club.
    “When I first met him, he had virtually no movement at all,” Wehrmeister said. “Now he is to the point to where we have him in braces and walking.”
    Other clients such as Jill Graber just want a healthier lifestyle. Graber has a newborn and for two

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    Smile Go Chris and Jason!

    Way to go guys! deserve every bit of this!! Give that cute "14 year old" kid a big hug and kiss from the Cali girls!

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