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Thread: Neurontin vs Pregabalin

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    my doc gave me lyrica for arthritis pain in spine and nerve going to my pinky
    we in horribe pain
    i took a pill as soon as i got home and within an hour the pain was gone
    take 75 twice daily
    no side effects
    i take no other meds

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan
    Lyrica caused me gum and teeth pain the first time I tried it. I may try it again at some point, for lack of anything else.
    first time when i used lyrica i could not feel my tongue or to enjoy the taste of food [75 mg only] pain relief......damn meds and their side effects.
    i will never use it again.
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    I take 1400mg x 3 a day of gabapentin and I read that pregabalin is the successor of gabapentin and I was wondering is any of you have tried both and is there any difference between the two???

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    I went back and forth started with pregabalin, my dose got up to 600mg and it stoped working for me. switched to gabapeptin kept incresing the dose till i was at 3000mg, and I still felt nothing. the neurotin did not work for me, but i belive it really varries some do better on lyrica vs. neurotin. so now i switched back to lyrica trying not to increase dose past 300mg, mix that with lamotrigene 50mg, baclofen 30-60mg , and tramadol 200mg daily. I am pretty sure i have autonomic nutrient deficient nerupoathy or some thing like that,cant prove it(minus vit D low at 6 now 16-shooting for 60) and rockstar types just get kicked out of doctors offices anyway going to give my doctor 3 months more till i quit all these drugs, you know the switch kinda sucks, i get horable headaces but it takes my mind off the torture of feeling like i am burning alive, want to roll around on the ground-stop drop and roll, dash to the nearest sorce of water or ER. all the while this psycho mad scientist is injecting me with this ice-numbing octopus tentacle syringe that is ripping through my insides. but i am a fighter. my next step is telling these doctors to *&($% off. I am going to buy my own acupunture needles and learn to self electro puncture, move to a country where opiates are legal (I always stayed away from hard addiction drugs, now its like either do it right or black market it and i think i would rather live right and not become a junkie), get down to earth and try some radical ayahuasca treatments. and anything else i can this system is a joke, the only way i am gona make it through is if i heal myself. i wish you all the best, good luck

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    I know this is an old thread, but my neurologist DOES NOT recommend Lyrica,
    Pfizer's "new brain child" because of the terrible side effects.
    For those of you who are unschooled in generics, there is a small percentage of us who
    cannot use generic brands of some drugs. It's in the binding - how the pill is
    combined with gabapentin that makes the difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luke00 View Post
    Woooaaahhhh!!! Hang on a minute. We seem to have got side tracked from my initial question.

    Basically I have been taking Neurontin (Gabapentin to some of you) and I am about to change to Pregabalin (Lyrica to some of you).

    My point was not to start a discussion on the difference in brand names and generic names, although this might make an interesting thread of its own if anyone would like to start it.

    It is very new here in Australia and not fully licensed, hence being very expensive. This might also be the case in America, I am not sure.

    As this website is world wide and not just for U.S. users, I am hoping that someone somewhere might have some information that they can offer on changing over and dosage etc (as per my original post ).

    Lyrica ruined our lives. It killed my husbands libdo. It was like living with a vegetable. Almost three years later and he still has lasting side effects. I have called several pain specialists and have done a ton of research. Neither drug works for a lot of people. Lyrica came out when the patten for gabapentin had expired. Also look up gabapentin and the RICO act. Doctors really need to stay better informed.

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    part of the problem is many of the people in the usa that were getting relief with neurontin, when it was patent only, before the generics came out. When the generic came out they lost the releif. Also right around this time , lyrica came out , a new patent by pfeizzer .
    personally i have had relief with neurontin, name brand, , and zero luck with Lyrica, It was a shame the pain managment doc i was seeing at the time beleive all the hype from the pharmicutucals sales people and the spinal stim salespeople and didnt listen to his patients.
    the docs should hace a chart on the dose eqivalents changing fron neurontin to lyrica, they had it in app like form , this was before the iphone days, but it was like a dell axion or the other pre android devices. i am sure pfizzer has a link to a online one.
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    I was on gabapentin and asked if pain could cause me to lose my mind. Was told yes. Switched to Lyrcia, still have pain but not nearly as much. So I have to say it helped me.

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    I tried Lyrica for six days, I know they tell you to keep on it for 3 weeks, but by the sixth day I could not remember my own name, and I was becoming a babbling ideate, so it was time to quite. To bad because it was helping with the pain. Of course if this pain gets much worse, a babbling ideate might become the person to be. You all know the drill, the more pain, the more wiliness to live with side affects.
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    I have to take SOMETHING for neuropathic pain. My physiatrist who specializes in pain management slowly reduced my neurontin as he equally slowly replaced it with lyrica. I don't like the foggy brain side effects, nor the fear of what they might discover in the future, but I have to take something & to the best of my research, this is the best they have right now for me. To take nothing and increase my pain would put me in a worse condition.

    I have taken it for 5-6 years. Every so often I try to slowly reduce it and have found the minimum that I can handle which is 50 mg 3X/day. It has a short half life so I think 3X a day is best.

    How is it going since your original question?

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