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Thread: Are any high quads every able to use manual chairs

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    Are any high quads every able to use manual chairs

    Are there complete quads above c7 that can use manual chairs?

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    im c5 complete, all i use is a manual chair......but then again i dont go anywhere by myself. im fine as long as its flat and theres not a big distance to push.


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    I'm C5/6 complete and use a maual Quickie GPV. I can get around places ok, providing any upward incline is a shallow gradiant. small curbs are OK <1 inch, anything bigger and I'm screwed

    Im rehab we were never given an option of a power chair, even C4s used manuals. To begin with we all used the steel cheapo hospital type chair to build strength then we could buy our lightweight chairs.


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    manual chairs ?

    Dr. J.J. , when i was in rehab [in Australia] , generally only C5 and above Quads got power chairs [that may have changed since ] . i'm C5/6 and i had a manual chair .


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    We provide manual chairs to all patients, and power chairs to those who require them based on their functional needs, not on their specific level of injury. Keep in mind that completeness of injury is also a factor.

    For example, an older paraplegic may require a power chair due to shoulder pain, fatigue, generalized weakness or cardiac or pulmonary conditions, while a young healthy C6 tetraplegic may do just fine with only a manual chair. We find that most C-5 and above patients want either a power chair or power assist features eventually, especially as they become more active in the community and have to deal with long distances, uneven terrain or hills as we have in our area. Even those with a power chair need a manual "back up" chair for use in times when they cannot take their power chair or the latter is in "the shop".

    Fortunately in our system of care (VA) the provision of equipment is flexible and based on patient needs over their lifetime, not on just some rule or policy that is arbitrary and often unrealistic.


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    I'm c4/5 complete. I only use a manual chair if I go to an inaccessible building and lifting is required to enter. Power chairs are generally too heavy.
    I have some bicep function but not enough to push with.

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    I am c2/3 and I use a manual chair all the time but I rarely leave the house. I have a power chair but it is very heavy and in need of repair.


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    I'm C6-7 and only use a manual chair. I function pretty much like a para except for hand strength / finger dexterity.

    I was told I'd have to use a power chair. I rode it once and gave it away to another sci patient who's family was in dire straits.

    I think C6 or higher is really tough to use a manual chair.

    I've been told that as a manual chair user that I'm a "dying breed" in that everyone (paras and quads) seems to be using power chairs. Must be the current trend?

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    Originally posted by Chris:

    I've been told that as a manual chair user that I'm a "dying breed" in that everyone (paras and quads) seems to be using power chairs. Must be the current trend?
    Well, I don't know who told you that, but I don't know many low level quads and paras that use power chairs, and the few I know are completely lazy and don't give a damn about their shape or appearance. Although I'm sure there are some who may live in an area where a power chair may be a must. But I know a lot of quads from playing rugby and hardly any of them over a 0.5 classification use a power chair for daily use. I really don't think your a "dying breed" or it's a current trend. I'm c6-7 and have been using a manual since my accident nearly 10 years ago and I don't plan on ever using a power even if it did become the thing to do.

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