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Thread: Pressure sore?

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    Pressure sore?

    Melissa is having a problem with an area under her ischial (tuberosity) on the left side. She has chronic pain near there, but this is something entirely different. To her it feels like a sore is starting inside there, and we don't know what can be done to see if there is something going on. Is there any type of test that could be done to check this out? Thanks for your help.

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    Can you see anything at the area such as redness, purpleness, shiney skin, etc.? When you feel the area, can you feel any lumps other than the ischial bone (compare right to left)?

    If you can feel a lump, it is possible to have an abcess. This would need to be diagnosed with an ultrasound or CT of the area, and generally a blood count for elevated WBCs and sed rate would also be indicated to rule out an abcess.

    It may be that this is just a manifestation of her chronic pain in the area, but it is best to get it checked out if anything abnormal is seen or felt there.


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