Hello everyone, I finally went to the urologist on monday and, he said i need a bladder endoscope and irrigation, so I guess I'll be going for my tune up shortly. However, I have to go under anastasia for that and, this brings me to my questions:

1. If I have an AD issue, what r the drugs to nivelate the blood pressure and what r the DON'T U DARE! ones?

2. Is there any AD brochure in spanish I can copy for my mom?

3. Since I'll be out and my mother gets very nervous easy, what r the things I should prepare her on?

4. The doc said to use either gen. anasthesia or an epidural but, I'm not to thrilled with the idea of a needle to the spine, besides, does that really eliminate the risk of AD?

And last, is there anything else I should know?

Thanks for all the help.

...and the soul afraid of dyin'... That never learns to live...