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Thread: MAC or PC?

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    Could look at eComStation at

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    I use a Windows based PC at work, and have an iMac at home running Tiger (OS 10.4).

    I love Apple computers! This is my 4th Mac since 1988 (a Mac SE with a HUGE 20 MB hard drive was my first!). Macs are so just sit down and start using it. Never had to take any classes, don't need manuals and lots of books. Never have had a virus in spite of being on-line since 1994. On top of looks way more cool than a Windows machine. My parents just bought their 2nd Mac, and for their needs (iPhoto, iTunes, Safari internet browser, e-mail) this is fine for them, and they got it for about $650.

    In addition, I love how easy it is to use iTunes and download it to my iPod Nano using my Mac.

    At work, I have no end of problems with my computer...I have to call tech support at least once a week (again today!). File management is much more difficult I think. I HATE Microsoft Word (which is the only word processing program we are allowed at work), and have no desire or interest in having the Microsoft suite for the Mac installed in my computer.

    Given all that, unless you need voice recognition (since Dragon still does not have a Mac version), I would definately lean toward a Mac.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    Given all that, unless you need voice recognition (since Dragon still does not have a Mac version), I would definately lean toward a Mac.
    iListen is a good alternative to Dragon, don't think I will switch even when/if Dragon comes to the Mac.
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    Good to know. How much is it? How difficult it is to learn?

    My mother (tetraplegia due to MS) tried to learn to use the Mac version of Via Voice a couple of years ago. She found typing with a typing stick and using a track ball actually faster, and had a problem with her MS fatigue changing her voice slightly, so after training the computer by the afternoon it no longer recognized her voice. She stopped using it completely and they did not get an upgrade when they went to OS X.


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    Quote Originally Posted by singin_intherain
    I’ve always used a PC but my friend is urging me toward MAC as a more reliable, well-integrated, less virus-vulnerable system. Any thoughts?

    I’m especially interested in using voice recognition, and in accessing my computer through other monitors and keyboards in different rooms.
    If you want remote access of computers AND it works cross-platform...

    I use it, works great, they have free versions here to download, however I do not use the free version. Just got through operating my computer contolled telescope setting outside in the cold, whiLst I was sitting inside in the warmth.
    Laptop contols the telescope, it's connected by cat5 to a hub in garage, connected to my hub- desktop, in my room. We have 2 XP for nephew/buddies gaming, bro-in-law laptop, b/u work server on XP, my 2 SUSE/XP laptops, SUSE/XP server. I can control any computer in the house by having them run the VNC server and I run the Viewer. That way I don't have to go up to work on them in most cases.
    You get a picture of the remote desktop on your pc, use your mouse/kb to run it as though you are sitting there.
    With linux, you have no such thing as a virus. You can download the OS and software bundle, burn to cds or dvd, load it, absolutely free.

    I started out on a TRS-80 with the old cassette 'hard drives', few years later Apple 2c. skipped a few years then, 286, 486, started building my own then, now I'm an AMD man. Worked with some OS7 Macs a few yrs ago.

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    if you think you may be going to use it for video editing or music production , go mac.
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    Go MAC. I've wanted a Mac for half my life and I FINALLY got to get one this past Feb/March. As much as I'm still taking my time learning some things on it, I am SOOOOO glad that I finally got to do the switch to Mac from PC. I couldn't be happier that I did. I highly recommend going with the Mac. It'll be a lil bit of a learning curve but once 'ya figure out all the tricks, shortcuts, etc, you'll be SOOOOOO glad that you did.
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    Lightbulb What makes the computer ??

    Imo, what is distressing to most people using computers, can be solved easiest, not by paying a larger sum of money buying a Mac, but rather ditching the Microsoft Operating Systems they use. These cause the most "failures" that people run across daily in the use of the computer.
    That said, I DO NOT want this to be taken as a blanket statement, as some are prone to do, getting their tailfeathers rustled. What I suggest is getting a version of the Linux Operating System, there are a large variety also, and trying it out.
    You will have to learn anew a few things if you switch to either a Macintosh OR switch to a linux OS. HOWEVER you only have to download and burn a dvd or a few cd's to have a FREE, COMPLETE operating system AND very large array of software when switching to linux(STILL USING your present computer). If you switch to MAC, you gotta pay MORE for another computer altogether. Think about it, seriously.
    As in both the miKr0soVt. Mac and Linux worlds, all the documentation and help are built in and are found on the web. You can even DOWNLOAD a FREE, live linux DVD to try out before you switch. This affects your present system N NO WAY, allowing you to use linux. If windows is causing you problems... use linux live and worry about fixing it tomorrow,lol.
    All you have to do is put it in your dvd player and boot to DVD and you can see what it's like.It will be a bit slower this way but give it a shot. Lemme find alink for you....

    This is a LIVE DVD download from Georgia Tech mirror. It is an ISO file, a bit over a gigabyte in size. With a fast connection, you can download it in about an hour. Then burn it to a DVD and set your computer to boot from it.
    This is the 10.0 SUSE version of linux from NOVELL.
    If you happen to want to try switching for free, EMAIL me and I will help you you have any more questions about getting the dvds or cds. Or ask here, either way, I or someone else using linux will send you links for info that you can peruse@your behest....hmmmm, sounded funny.You can also BUY them for around 10 bucks from MANY sites, these are without book form documentation or support. If you want this, you can buy the same at many online locations and have free support through SuSE Novell. Anyway, there ya go, get on it.

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    Mac all the way!

    I've used a Mac since 1984 and Apple has always led the way the computer industry eventually headed. I used to program in FORTRAN and COBOL and just wanted a GUI (Graphical User Interface). Go Mac unless you are a nutty gamer and willing to risk repetitive motion injuries of the wrist, elbow and shoulder.

    The new Intel based Macs are rumored to be introduced at Mac World in January so wait til then then go for it.

    -Greg Jacobs

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    This is a link for a CD sized live cd distribution of linux called KNOPPIX v 3.9
    I have used it before also, you CAN make a hard drive install with it also but, I never have. Just posting the live versions so you can try linux w/o changing your current setup.
    Remember it is an ISO so burn it as such and boot it. Enjoy.

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