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Thread: I ran over Frosty the Snowmanm and now he has SCI!!!!

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    I ran over Frosty the Snowmanm and now he has SCI!!!!

    I had to tell someone this and thought you would appreciate it. My PCA had gone upstairs to clean up the bedroom, and bring down my Christmas stuff to sort out, clean and repair. Well, she set my Frosty the snowman to close to the door, and I did not see the poor guy. I ran him over! Oh, no! He was badly bent up and bashed in! So, I rushed in to do emergency tratment. I started repair and then the wooden spoon I was using to fix him got stuck inside him. Well, he has a hole you know where. The poor guy....I had to stick my finger inside to retreive the errent spoon.......I looked at my PCA and busted out laughing....oh, poor guy.....he has BP......I'm haveing to do dig to releave him of his impaction. We both busted out laughing so hard I nearly fell out of my chair!!! Poor Frosty, we will have to send him to rehab!!!!
    (It ended up well, Frosty was fixed and the spoon retreaved.

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    Was there spiked eggnog somehow involved in this ??? lol Cute.
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    What meds are you taking, are you willing to share Glad Frosty is OK!
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    What lesion level is Frosty?

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