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Thread: digital video enthusiasts

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    digital video enthusiasts

    Hi all,
    I have decided to get into filmaking and editing,unfortunately my computer knoledge doesn't extend much beyond what I am doing now .
    I have downloaded the free windows XP moviemaker but as yet I don't have a camera,I was thinking of purchasing a fairly high end camera but I am afraid that by the time I can get the most out of it ,it will be obsolete.
    Also I am interested to hear anything about SCI camera techniques,tripods etc,I was thinking of mountings on my chair and ATV ,I wonder if anyone else has tried similar.
    Anyway I realise this is something of a rambling post but getting into making films is something I am serious about,unfortunately I am finding much of the technical jargon that goes along with technology in general very daunting.
    Any advice on video, or avice from another pre injury luddite who has become technologically proficient post injury would be appreciated .

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    apple computers tend to be the best for editing..i think a WC would be a good plat form to attach a camera to. they got a lot of the great shots in murderball by having a cameras mounted on a wheelchair. i also read in the apple i movie book that you can get better shots by rolling in on the subject. its gives better film than using a zoom lens .
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    Scott had a good suggestion he posted about taking a semester-long class at a community college.
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    What is the speed of your processor and how much RAM to you have? As far as buying a camcorder, I suggest that you take a look at camcorderinfo and also read the reviews at Amazon before you make you purchase. If you decide to keep your PC for the time being then you will probably want to get a FireWire card (USB versus FireWire). For now I would take a look at the Sony Vegas Movie Studio software and download the free trial version and also look at Adobe Premiere Elements. If possible, wait for Apple to release the Mac's with the Intel chip. I think it's time for some of our members to chime in.
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    So far, conversation has centered around ease of use.

    But for me, I'm just now getting into doing editing for some higher profile clients and would like to ask one basic question:

    It then any difference between the output quality between a Mac and a PC?

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    I has been thinking about my wheelchair as a substitute for a "dolly" and upon doing some reading on the subject of cheap,independent film making it turns out that people have been using Wc's as a cheap substitute for some time (there has to be an upside).
    I am very interested in the cinematographical (is that a word?) aspects of film/video ,ie lighting, camera angles etc.
    In regards to the matter of editing ,I may ,as suggested just have bite the bullet and take serious steps to improve my computer literacy.
    Apparently macs are the choice of many video editors ,though I still don't have the technical knoledge to grasp the reaseons for this preference.
    Great to hear from anyone involved in filming/editing ,I hope to read more posts on the topic.

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