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Thread: Bowel Concern

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    Bowel Concern

    I have been having for the last three days a mucus discharge. I pass gas followed by the discharge. I have not been having normal bowel movements meaning I have not been passing stool as my program was. My diet has not changed and am other wise in good health. If anyone has some pointer I need some help. Thank you in advance.
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    You might be pretty severely constipated. You could try a hefty dose of an over the counter laxative like milk of magnesia or bisacodyl tablets but you should be prepared for a blow-out. If you are susceptible to autonomic dysreflexia, you need to be prepared for that to happen in this process of getting cleaned out. If this condition persists for more than a couple of days more, you should see your doctor and probably have an x-ray called a KUB (kidneys-ureter-bladder) which can tell if you are obstructed.


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