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Thread: help for swollen legs/ankles

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    help for swollen legs/ankles

    My swelling in legs/ankles is discouraging. I have a standing chair that won't elevate legs...what can I do?
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    you could put some pillows under your legs at night....but that wont prevent swelling the next day...

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    If the swelling is worsening, maybe you are in your standing chair too long of a period during the day. Do you have another chair you can use periodically to elevate your legs when the swelling is bad?

    Yes, also elevate your legs while in bed with pillows.
    Watch your salt intake and some medications such as NSAIDs (Motrin) can cause swelling.


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    Cool swelling

    My left ankle swells ocassionally. I put some pillows under it at night. There is a herb that's good for circulation but I forgot it's name. Sorry. They, VA, recommended I should wear tet hose but no way, HaHaHa. Good luck with what you do.

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    Another strategy is to wear compression stockings (not TEDS) but the kind that Jobst makes. This helps to prevent ankle edema.


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