Emotion Power Wheels
• Set-up for A-4 but will work with most wheelchairs
• Inserts for A-4
• Battery Charger
• Two sets of batteries, plus old set eligible for battery turn-in
• 24” wheels, solid inserts
• Saves shoulder and arms
• One wheel brand new, just replaced other less than one year ago, used only 3 months
• Batteries have less than 2 months
• Paid over $6000 new.
• Must sell $2750 obo

These wheels made it possible for me to push myself after surgery. I used the system for three years. I decided to start using normal manual wheels when I changed cars, from a van to a Honda Element. Wheels are heavy at 25lbs each wheel but provide plenty of push. I bought new batteries in January but only used two months. I have two more sets, one a year old and one done. The done batteries can be turned in an used for credit on new batteries. Great set-up but I have moved on.

$2750 or best offer
Bill Phillips