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Thread: Topamax what does it do for you?

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    Topamax what does it do for you?

    Would like any feedback on Topamax . I have been on it once up to 200mg a day . Now back on it again. Thanks

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    Hi Razzle,
    I can't say if Topamax did anything for my pain or not because my physician can't keep up with the rate my pain is increasing. But when I was started on 75mg of Topamax per day, within one day all the involuntary jurking that would happen in my legs stopped and has never returned. I'm now taking 150mg of Topamax per day, but I'm taking a whole bunch of other stuff too.

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    lose weight....
    cauda equina

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    Talking Topamax

    Lol , loose weight me too. I am taking Top again the 2nd time with Ameritriptiline hopefully the 2 will do the trick . I was up to 200 mg a day but Dr . said I can go higher. Thanks for the responses.

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