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Thread: Trackball

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    And when I say program I mean to simply assign a task to a button. Easy through Kensington's accompanying software. Nothing technical here.
    C5 injury with partial C6 function on left.

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    See attached photo. The four buttons around the ball can be programmed to do just about anything. Let's say I want to draw a box in Word, which normally would require holding down a button while moving the mouse. With the trackball, you turn on "click and drag" by pressing the top left button once. Then you move the trackball as desired - without having to hold down the button. To disengage, click the button again. Presto, a box! I've programmed the top right button to minimize the current open window.


    As Jon said, you can use your wrist or palm, or your curled fist. Very easy to use.

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    agree with jon, wesley, and clipper. i have had one for well over a year. my hands are curled too, so i use my curled fingers to easily roll across the ball. this mouse is a timesaver....

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    Wow! Thank you, everyone. I'm definitely going to get one. It will make life a lot easier.


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    I have one that you can have if you want. It's a few years old, but you're welcome to it.

    I do what Wesley does so I don't use it. Using Sticky keys and Mouse keys has worked great for me. I have somebody put my wireless keyboard that controls my desktop (I have a different one for my TabletPC) on the arm rests of my chair and I'm free to move around during the day.

    I see you mentioned Visio. I've used Mouse keys to draw all kinds of ERD's and DFD's using Visio and SmartDraw. I use Mouse keys a lot now to design forms in VB .NET.

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    That would be great, Chris. I'll e-mail my address to you, unless you are planning a Twin Cities trip anytime soon?

    Thx a ton!


    (Too bad about Duante, huh? It sure has been painful watching the Vikings this year (except for the Packer game)--oh, well--I'm still a diehard fan)

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    I got your email. I'll try to have somebody mail it ASAP. I don't know if I still have the CD with the drivers, but you can download them if necessary.

    I still won't miss a minute of the Vikings this year, but I am upset about the lack of class some players have shown. I think Daunte's injury was a direct result of karma. I have to keep watching though - especially since I have the NFL package in HD this season.

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    I have a touch pad at home and use a trackball at the office. I was amazed at how easy it was to use. Right now I have a laptop so I like my touch pad, when/if I get a desk top I'll get a track ball over a regular mouse.
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    Oh boy, that's all Susan needs another way to give us more work lol. Why not send it to me first Chris and I'll make sure she gets it

    Hey, good to see you lurking around cjo - hope you're well.

    I've seen one of these trackballs at Craig but only had limited time to try it. From what everyone says it seems to be da bomb for quads.

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    Chris Chappell--one comment for you:

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