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Thread: Can an SCI Nurse or bladder aug patient...

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    Can an SCI Nurse or bladder aug patient...

    Please tell me when the mucous production from bladder stops
    on average. I feel myself getting mildly disreflexic
    and then after cathing 200ccs of almost all mucous,
    I seldom feel better.


    And the truth shall set you free.

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    drink more
    try a beer to flush
    not medically advised but makes my pee pee clear as water

    the mucous never stops

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    Nobody told me!

    Oh well, couldn't keep cathing eight times a day.

    And the truth shall set you free.

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    Have you had a bladder augmentation? I'm asking because the intestinal tissue used in this procedure can often produce alot of mucous.

    If not, I would say that some people are prone to mucous production and
    for them it may come and go for a long time. Increase your water intake,
    monitor whether your catheter is clogged (which may cause the dysreflexia) and have a UTI checked out if symptoms continue or worsen.


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