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Thread: Hawaii Trip need suggestions

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    Hawaii Trip need suggestions

    My son 18 is graduating and his class is working on money to go to Hawaii for their SR trip. He is a T6. We need all info pertaining to flying, switching planes, motels, beach. They say the flight is 11 hours, lay over in O'Hara what do you do to take care of needs? Need all info we can get. Thank you

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    Which island are they going to? This makes a difference. Have they already made hotel reservations? He would need to talk directly to the hotel manager about what the specific features of the "wheelchair accessible" rooms are. Don't just go by them saying it is accessible. For example, many have tubs instead of roll in showers. If he needs a shower chair or commode or raised toilet seat, he should take this with him (no excess baggage charge for "medical" equipment on the plane), or arrange a rental. Most hotels do not provide this. Once he finds the room he needs, be sure he requests that the room be "blocked" not just reserved. This makes a big difference.

    Wheelchair transportation is very limited in Hawaii outside of Honolulu. Only a few tour companies offer wheelchair accessible buses (in violation of the ADA), so if they are taking any group tours they need to make these arrangements in advance. Although he could have friends lift him on and off a regular tour bus or van, it can be dangerous and difficult. The Bus in Honolulu is great though, with reliable service and good drivers who don't hesitate to help loading the wheelchair.

    At his level though, I would assume he would not have much trouble transferring to a car, so car type cabs or rental cars would be an option (an accompaning adult would have to rent the car though, since nearly all companies require you to be at least 25 years old to rent).

    Most men have it pretty easy flying. He has the option of either cathing himself under a blanket during the flight (easiest with a touchless type self-contained cath kit) or using an indwelling catheter just for the duration of the flight (he would need to take another with him for the trip home).

    Most find that they can go without bowel care by limiting their intake to low fiber foods for a few days, and doing bowel care prior to getting on the plane. Some take a single Imodium the evening before just to be sure as well.

    Weight shifts can be done side to side, and he should sit on his wheelchair cushion. He should ask to have his wheelchair stowed in the cabin (they are required to do this with one chair per flight if requested). He should be prepared to gate check his chair if needed though. They need to have plenty of time between flight connections, as he will be the first one on but the last one off on every flight.

    Let us know specifically where he is going and we can get you more information.


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    Thank you so much I belive it is Maui but no sure. I will check and get back to you. Thank you so much.

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