Interesting read, has implications on ©opyright (if you read between the lines.)
Plutchak, T. Scott. "The Impact of Open Access" Journal of the Medical Library Association 93(4)(2005): 419-421. ( - Plutchak, editor of the Journal of the Medical Library Association, was "astonished" when he looked at this open access journal's 6/04-5/05 use statistics: it had had over 20,000 unique users visit the journal even though the Medical Library Association, which publishes the journal, only has around 4,500 members. Thinking that the number was inflated because of technical reasons, he contacted PubMed Central, who hosts the journal, and was told if anything the number was low: 30,000 was more likely. Plutchak credits the journal's over four-year-old open access policy with raising JMLA's visibility, and he recounts other interesting facts that demonstrate it. He then discusses the impact of open access on subscriptions and MLA membership (including some interesting data about ad trends), then summarizes an informal online member survey probing attitudes towards free access and membership renewal and a survey of MLA Board members about publication options if open access ceases to be viable. This is a fascinating look at one professional society editor's view of the real-world impact of open access on his journal.