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Thread: nine resumes since May, I finaly scored an interview!!!

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    Patrick - congrats on the second interview and good luck with the salary/pay structure negotiations. The only suggestion I have is to start out high in terms of $$$. Take your anticipated number and add/ask for an another 20%. Say it with conviction and why you're worth it. You can always go down but never up.

    And remember, (no decaf Joe's gonna hate me for this), but price (your worth) is only an issue in absence of value. In other words, if you're worth it, in their eyes, they will pay you and believe they're getting a bargain.

    Onward and upward.

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    i have spent the last month interview with at least 1 interview per day (I just signed an offer) and the head recruiter from a big accounting firm gave me the following advice. He told me that I had no idea how important it is to ask 2 good questions at the end, and also that a thank you note is a MUST. Send it by email asap after the interview. He told me that most people do not realize how important this is and how few people actually do this

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    Great news Patrick

    I agree with asking for more money. Makes it look like you yourself think/know you're worth it, and they'll most times respect that. Self confidence is a wonderful attribute, and they'll like to see that in an employee.

    But that's just my opinion. Do whatever you think is best, and good luck friend
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    Patrick - Any update / news?

    lol - he's probably mad at us for the bad advice...

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