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Thread: Forum software upgraded to vBulletin v3.5

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    That was an accident , i was trying to see if i can post using quick reply.
    I have a question for anyone giffted in the computer world. When i open pages open sometimes or scroll up and down to quick , the whole screen seems to become blurred. Sometimes it doesnt matter what i do, it still happens.Text becomes uneditable. Please anyone, any suggestions. (ART)
    Thanks: {Art}

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    Broken = Thread Tools Search this Thread Rate Thread Display Modes


    I hope this helps to narrow down some of the problems:

    When looking at a thread, the options:

    Thread Tools Search this Thread Rate Thread Display Modes

    don't work on my PC (the URL's below are samples -- it happens on any thread displayed).
    Strange thing is (I just checked in Preview)..., if you click on the links I put in this post they will open a new window and put you at the bottom of the page contents where you have the options. Same thing if you right button click and choose "open in new window" or "open in new tab".

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    I can't get any of the profiles to open. I am using a Mac running Tiger and Safari browser.


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    cant get people profiles by clicking on their names either,
    firfox 1.o7
    cauda equina

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    in this forum i can get them to open if i click on their avator, if they dont have a avator , no luck.
    in the acute forum , i could get no profiles
    cauda equina

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    in the computer forum the drop down windows work under the screen name work, but not in the other forums i tried
    cauda equina

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    testing testing

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    i use 3.5 at another board without these problems
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    cauda equina

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    Quote Originally Posted by PN
    Han, we need to get another voice rec user on this issue. Editing the quick reply is not an issue if you can use the keyboard. Some of our members (including myself) do not use the keyboard to post on this web site. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the way things are working. Perhaps, Lewis will chime in.

    It appears that now I am able to edit using voice recognition.
    I have always had trouble using Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictating directly into the text boxes. I utilize "show dictation box", dictating and editing through it to also avoid accidentally dictating a link on the page and losing what I dictated.

    Also, I'm not really experiencing any problems editing my post after submitted. However, I am still experiencing "select and say" problems where the pop-up window that gives you possible meanings to what you said does not pop up.

    The differences aren't drastic, but when Dragon has focused correctly on the window, I find dictating into the actual text boxes to be more accurate than previous versions of the forum software.
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    Metro - Which "drop down windows" are you referring to? What function are they for? I'm trying to research the problem but can't figure out what you mean.

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