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Thread: Forum software upgraded to vBulletin v3.5

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    OK,this is weird!

    Im going to type this and hit reply.Its going to tell me ''my message is to short and needs more characters'' then im going to hit the back button,and submit my message again and it will work...any ideas what thats about?

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    and thats exactly what it did..

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    You to!

    This is kinda weird...

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    testing [the real] Shaun's trick...

    (edit) works fine for me. *shrug*

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    Wait a minute! Are you guys mocking me?

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    Thumbs down

    WTF? I keep getting this message "The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 5 characters" when I try to post, and if I hit back the original message is gone I just keep copy and paste the message and I can get it to work after about a dozen attempts, what gives?

    P.S. hmm, if I hit back and paste my message in that's when it works, hmph!

    P.S.S. I can see my avatar but not my profile pic
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    Something is being cached that doesn't jibe with three dot five.

    It's just really hard for us to troubleshoot because we cannot duplicate the problem. Between ISP, switch, router, firewall, operating system, browser, and versions of each...... the permutations and combinations are endless. Not that all of those are possible culprits for this problem. But they all factor in at one time or another.

    I wish I could be more helpful.

    Note to myself: Be glad when you have computer problems. You might be solving an issue experienced by many!

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