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Thread: ATV Cushion

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    I have a Bombardier 4 wheeler and just developed a shear sore on the top/inside of left thigh, right below my butt/cleft. I am treating it and my doctor is pleased. My ? is, i don't want to give up riding. Does anyone have a recommended cushion for it. I was using a jay protector but that caused some of the problem as i kept sliding in the cushion, no matter how tight i made the straps. Any suggestions out there? I was looking at the roho airhawk line but wondering if that would do what i am looking for. Thanks in advance
    Jay protectors are a great concept but in many respects useless. I'd love to have one custom made so it stays in place. I ride a lot of different on and off road toys and over the years have tried different setups.
    I typically sit on a 2" roho on my wheelchair and have used it in the past on 4 wheelers but they sure don't help with balance and anything that lifts you higher of the stock seat changes your whole sitting position which also promotes bad posture and hence, back pain. For a few years now I have used the Supracor strips and incorporated it into the stock seat so as not to sit myself higher. If you have the money, a good motorcycle seat guy can help shape the existing foam (slice away) and add a layer of supracor. You can shape the seat to give you better support too. If money is tight you can try taking something like a .5" yoga mat and cutting it to fit on top of existing seat. In the experimental stages I cut from a roll of industrial style velcro to attach. OR if you're happy enough, take the seat cover off, grab a nice electric kitchen knife and a nice sharp fillet knife and shape it yourself. Then just take it to upholstery shop and have them make you a new cover.
    Best of luck,

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    I guess I ride harder than you guys. My feet fall out of the floor pans when I get wild and crazy driving too fast on the twisty trails.

    I wear heavy hiking boots when I ride which also help keep my feet on-board. I wouldn't recommend tying you feet to the rig because if it tips over or rolls, you will be tied to it. Also when riding, wearing a couple of layers of clothes (long johns under pants, or overalls) allows more of the sliding to take place between clothing and not your skin. I also do frequent pressure relief shifts when I stop and I even lay back prone on my back on occasion to redistribute the pressure.
    Have you tried using short bungies over your toes? Your feet will release if your body comes away from the machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roller View Post
    Have you tried using short bungies over your toes? Your feet will release if your body comes away from the machine.
    No, I hadn't thought of that idea but I'm really leery about being attached to the machine in any manner.

    It's not a bad idea though. I'll give it some thought and see what I can rig up. Usually the heavy hiking boots I now wear hold my feet on much better than high top tennis shoes used to.

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