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Thread: Digital Camera use - Need your advice!

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    Question Digital Camera use - Need your advice!

    I'm a C5-6 Complete. I've never used a digital camera and don't know a lot about the terminologies used. I've tried to read as many other threads about Quads and digital cameras here as I could. One big problem that I think I'll have is that my fingers are not flexible at all. They are stiff and I don't really "grip" things very well. They aren't very flexible. I have decent strength in my arms and wrists though. I know I'm not the only one out there with this problem. I just need some advice on how I can use a camera and which ones would be good to try. I'm not trying to take professional photos (yet). I just want to be able to take good pictures of friends, buildings, etc. Can you all please help me? This is something that I really want to do. Thanks.

    P.S. - I saw this info here on a bite switch or tongue switch. Is this something that would help me? Here's the link:

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    Continue your search here. I know we have had this discussion several times before. It is difficult to find a point-and-digital camera that will take a cable shutter release, which you need to use a bulb or mouth control. You are more likely to find these in the more expensive digital cameras or in film cameras. There are also chair mounted tripods you can use.

    It might be helpful to post what type of photography you are interested in. There are different needs if you are planning to get into serious photography and make large format prints compared to snapshots of friends and travel.


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    i enjoy digital photography, but i have significant movement in my left hand and i can pick up stuff so...i can't really help you, but, i like that bite and tongue switch! very clever...
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    i just ordered the Canon digital rebel xt. they make a remote shutter release for it. though it is more of a "prosumer" camera. they make remote shutter release for other digital camera's too.

    eg. pentax optio 6mp $200 can be used with a remote release $25, sold seperatly

    how much are you looking to spend?

    hmm... chair mounted tripod, i need one of those

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    To go into a bit more detail, Jon 0:

    The aforementioned bite switch will work (sans modifications) w/ the Rebel series DSLRs only. Canon does make other remote shutter releases, yes, but they're not compatible w/ any camera. The cable releases for their other DSLRs use a proprietary N3 connection, and only some of the consumer-level cameras will accept remote shutter releases, which are pretty much all IR-based.

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    Exactly how does a remote shutter work and how would it help? Like I said, these terms are very new to me. My biggest obstacle will probably be simply holding the camera as my fingers are not flexible. My arm and wrist strength is ok though. I just want to be able to hold the camera and take a simple picture. I'll work on the pro stuff later

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    As far as price goes, I'd like to spend $200-$300. I wouldn't mind spending more, but I want to see how well I can do this!

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    a shutter release is a button off of the camera body that takes the picture.

    if your biggest concern is holding the camera, since you're looking at point and shoot digital, which are small, you might consider velcro.

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    Sorry for so many questions, but where would the velcro go and how would that helps. Thanks.

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    Johnnie , I have some hand function , but my fingers still aren't good enough to press the shutter button . I have found that my thumb can press it , so I use the camera upside down .

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