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Thread: Baclofen & Pregnancy

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    Baclofen & Pregnancy


    I'm currently taking neurontin (600 mg 3x/day) and baclofen (20mg 3x/day) for pain & spasticity. I have an SCI, C5-incomplete, but with a high level of recovery. My fiance and I are discussing our plans for children after marriage and it finally occurred to me that my medication might be a problem.

    I read the excellent postings on Neurontin & pregnancy and overall was quite relieved; sounds like the dosage I am on is likely under a threshold where it might affect the baby.

    However, I didn't see a chain on baclofen & pregnancy. What are the news there, does anyone know?

    Thank you!


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    This has been discussed before both here and at In general, it is usually recommended that you NOT take baclofen during pregnancy (which also includes the time when you are trying to get pregnant) as its safety in pregnancy with humans has not been determined. It has caused birth defects in rats.

    It is best to work collaboratively with your SCI physician and OB/Gyn PRIOR to attempting a pregnancy to determine how you can best prepare for this with medication management and other possible health issues.


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