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Thread: Back at work

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    Thumbs up Back at work

    The office is all ramped and wheelchair accessible......taxis taking me in and back until I get a car. Been working from home.......going in feels like a huge step forward.

    But f*ck me it's tiring. I feel permanently hungover
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    way to go!

    just remember, no sleeping at your desk!!!!!!
    that's just the way I roll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alex74

    just remember, no sleeping at your desk!!!!!!
    Easier said than done...I feel like I've been hit by a blowdart dipped in elephant tranquilizer. The sun beaming through my office window doesn't help either.

    Good luck back at work. Seems like the company is supportive. That helps, of course.
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    I wish you good luck.

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    Good on ya buddy!...Congrats

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    way to go dude....congrats...

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    congradulations on returning to work ....anty
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    Thanks Guys........working from home...ahem.....surfing CC today. Office again tomorrow. Was asleep by 8.30pm last night. Gotta build up to it.
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    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."

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    Rhino, I know what you mean Pal! I've been back for seven months now, and I still have days that kick my A$$! I would love to know where others find the time to go to work, stand at least an hour, workout, do a daily bowel and routine and get enough sleep!

    Glad your back at it! Its great for your emotional stability.


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    I don't know how you people do it. That is, work with paraplegia and especially quadriplegia. You must be very organized, patient, in pretty good shape and probably young. I went to college for just a year and my day seemed so hurried. And I only had 2 classes each day for 5 days instead of the normal 3 classes for 3 days....or however that was scheduled. I wanted to be on the same schedule everyday to make things more predictable. How you do it for 8 plus hours each and every damn day I don't know. Just sitting in a wheelchair for 8 plus hours straight is a tiring, aching, full time job in itself!

    There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day for a bowel program, catheterizing, skin care, keeping equipment running etc. and all the other things SCI need to take care of. Doctor appointments etc. And that's on top of the normal, everyday things that need to be done.

    When I was walking/working a shower took 5 minutes. And I could dressed in 2 without hardly drying off. Coffee in hand as I ran out the door to jump into the car. Now a shower takes at least an hour when you take into account the need to be totally dry before you even start to get dressed. Getting dressed even tires me out!

    Thanks for working. You should get paid more than able-bodied people because it's no doubt much harder to do when you're in a chair. But I understand that you just want to be treated like everyone else in the workforce.
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