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    I have been leaking around my Foley lately. Yesterday I was completely soaked when we took my pants off. I had a UA done and the results came back showing traces of bacteria that are normally in my urine but no one dangerous bacteria that would constitute for a UTI. I am still leaking and the doctor ordered me to take 1000 mg of vitamin C a day and up my cranberry juice. My catheter is a brand new and was just changed. How do you know when you need to increase the size of your catheter? What could be causing this? It is really embarrasing?
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    Leakage around foley can be caused by several things. One is encrustation with sediment that can obstruct the flow. If you just changed the catheter and its flowing well, this may not be the problem.

    Bladder spasms can also sometimes cause leakage and some people find relief of this from ditropan-type meds. I've also noted some leakage if the catheter is pressing against the wall of the bladder. Is this the first time the leaking has started? If so, I would change the catheter with your same size and see if it recurs.


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    Are you taking an anticholenergic medication (Detrol, Ditropan, etc.)? This is usually first line for catheter leakage after it is determined that the catheter is in the correct location and not clogged. Don't be tempted to put in a larger size. This does not resolve the problem and actually may make it worse, since it is more irritating to the bladder.


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    I take 20mg Ditropan. The leakage has stopped I think because I get chills when I leak and I had no chills and no leakage yesterday.
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    Get checked for an uti. Sounds like u might have 1 coming on with the chills.

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    Are you close to having your period?

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    I should either start today or tomorrow
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    Was it changed a day or two before you started to leak? If so, the changing of the foley could have irritated the bladder causing it to spasm. This happens to me sometimes. I have a SP, and the day of or the day after it gets changed, I usually get some Autonomic Dysreflexia and will sometimes leak urine out of my penis.

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