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Thread: Am I mad sick, or what? Why do I sometimes,

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    Am I mad sick, or what? Why do I sometimes,

    almost wish that some well known, celeb, Hollywood, sports, politicio, etc type,..........God forgive me please.........I'm narc dependent, and it's late, .....i'm not of sound mind, but, one or more of the aforementioned somehow become sci, thereby help championing our cause, 'cuz we all must face the real fact that if we ever expect to beat this hell, it will get us there sooner, and we can't deny it, than it will without the help.
    There, we all are guilty of thinking it, only I said it.
    Now, I'm waiting for bad karma to get me. Since I'm already so fucked up with chronic sci, chronic pain, chronic life difficulties, constipation: how much worse could things get?


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    I must be sicker than you, I have all the same thoughts but none of the guilt. I do however have a list of VIP's who I personally consider 'too fucked to live' and hope that this miserable fate befalls one of them.
    Also I think that constipation will surely ruin any chance of a balanced peaceful demeanor, so eat some prunes.

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    I somehow knew I would not be alone.

    OK, I'm also sure there's others dying to add their comments........

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    You are not alone. I reprimand myself often for having that same thought. Like when the Green Bay Packer's player was helmet speared a few weeks back, a part of me was glad he was ok, the other was, darn--we could have used the celebrity spokesperson. I had the same thought when Jason Priestly of Beverely Hills 90210 fame recovered from his racing crash.

    I ultimately reconcile it by figuring if someone is going to be injured in the next 41 minutes anyway, please let it be someone famous. Perhaps that will escalate the end of that dreaded 41 minute event rolling around-not necessarily preventing it from happening, just establish a fix for it.

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    As long as we aren't planning and acting out these fantasies, it's all good. When you take a pro-active approach, the men in uniforms or with straight jackes come for you.

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    i don't wish it on anyone else except the bitch that should have gotten hurt instead of me.
    Never take life seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway

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    My only bad feelings are for a MILF who took my guy 2 years ago,anyway he likes being second hand dish!

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    How about when Madonna fell off her horse? I actually admire Madonna, but she would have been a great spokesperson.

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    I admire Madonna a lot, I think she is a great singer (especially I like the CD Bedtime stories), true she would have been a great spokesperson for disabled people's rights though I think she wouldn't have done so much, I mean she hasn't even spoken about her accident, there are many actors/singers that are disabled or having disabilities like Gloria Stefan, Jason Priestley and even George Clooney but none of them has said so much nor helped disabled.

    I read a few times Gloria Stefan donates a lot of $$ for the Miami Project for curing paralysis but what would be great is that she and others were able to share their experiences as disabled.

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