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Thread: Wise? 4-AP update, naltrexone thoughts

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    Wise? 4-AP update, naltrexone thoughts

    I can't fnd what you'd written before, sorry, or the Accorda (is it?) website. Can you give me a site to check reguarly for the status of the FDA approval and comercialization of 4-AP? and expected time frame? My neurologist is woefully out of the loop.

    Also, any thoughts on Naltrexone (posted under Atraumatic SCI)?

    And to the person who asked about insurance coverage for 4-AP (sorry can' find you either): I have a drug plan that covers compounds, and they reimburse me for it. Let me know and I'll look for the NDC # the pharmacist uses.

    And to the guy I think who wanted to know side effects: an odd feelingin m face, a buzzing numbness sort of in my lips and tongue. Changes with the filler/sustaining agent the pharmacist uses, maybe also with whether I take with food or not. Maybe lost a few pounds (tho maybe that's from cutting neurontin, though that was pretty low).
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