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Thread: Neuropathy pain

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    Digestive enzymes

    I took the whole bottle of the digestive enzymes suggested on here, taking them three times a day before each meal. I was hoping it would decrease the severe ice cold, needles burning pain I have in my abdomen and back, which has increased progressively since my injury 12 years ago. The enzymes did not make any difference at all. I was pretty bummed about it. I hope it works for other people. I have suspicions that baclofen might be contributing to my abdominal pain and after going through having a baclofen pump put in and the pain has got worse, I'm hoping to find something to replace the baclofen and see if it makes any difference on my pain and just have pain medication in the pump (my chronic pain doctor just recently added a local anesthetic pain medication to my pump and is slowly increasing the dosage, but so far no relief).


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    CJ, I know 4 people that have had the pump put in and all 4 had serious problems afterward. The common thread with them all was that the pumps leaked causing an overdose situation and all 4 said their pain levels dramatically increased as a result. I highly recommend you have your dosage levels checked to see if your pump is leaking.

    I'm very sorry to hear the enzymes didn't work for you...
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